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Best yogurt making instant pots

Remember that you can make almost anything in an instant pot, not only yogurt!

Instant Pot models we Currently recommend

1) The most economical is the Instant Pot Duo. It has a yogurt function and many other settings that are standard on Instant Pots. It does not have a Sous Vide function, however.

2) The moderately priced but highly rated Instant Pot Duo Plus has both yogurt and sous vide options among its many functions. It comes in 3, 6, or 8-quart sizes. The max fill line is 2/3 full. So you'd need a 3qt to make 2 quarts and a 6qt for a gallon etc.

3) The higher-end and very highly rated Instant pot Pro has everything that the Duo Plus has, plus a cake baking function, extra safety features, inner pot handles, controlled steam release, and more. It comes in both 6 and 8-quart sizes, Keep in mind that max fill lines are at 2/3 full.

4) Even a bit pricier than the Pro is the Instant Pot Max. This one gives you the ability to do home pressure canning at 15 PSI, in addition to its yogurt and Sous Vide settings, and its many other cooking functions.

Best automatic yogurt makers

Yogurt makers we currently recommend

1) Euro Cuisine YM80, is the most economical choice. Keeps up to 7 6-ounce jars at the perfect fermenting temperature (glass jars and lids are included). Includes convenient built-in timer.

2) Euro Cuisine YMX650 is a digital yogurt maker with an LCD display and includes glass jars with rotary date-setting lids for hassle-free storage. Allows you to set a custom fermentation time.

3) Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker makes up to 2 quarts in its included glass jar. Specially designed straining bag included for making greek yogurt. Includes thermometer and convenient built-in timer. Great for making a larger amount in a more compact space.

Yogurt Starters*

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